A writers trip to the concert of the neiu jazz ensemble

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A writers trip to the concert of the neiu jazz ensemble

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The University was founded in by the Adrian Dominican Congregation. This Undergraduate Catalog contains information pertaining to academic programs leading to associate s and bachelor s baccalaureate degrees.

For information about master s and specialist s degree programs, contact the Graduate College. The University is authorized to prepare students for teacher certification in Michigan and other states.

It is the policy of Siena Heights University not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, religion or sexual orientation. Students are obligated to fulfill the requirements of the catalog that was in force at the time of their first registration.

However, readmitted students who return after a period of seven years or more must complete the degree requirements listed in the current catalog at the time of readmission. The readmitted student may not be entitled to complete a program that is no longer offered by the University.

Failure to read this catalog does not excuse students from the requirements and regulations described herein. The content of this document is provided for the information of the student. It is accurate at the time of printing, but is subject to change as deemed appropriate to fulfill Siena Heights University s role or mission or to accommodate circumstances beyond the University s control.

Any such changes may be implemented without prior notice, without obligation, and, unless specified, are effective when made. Undergraduate Catalog 4 Table of Contents Mission Accounting Business Administration Business: Digital Music Production Music: Joseph College, and enrolled many of the graduates of neighboring St.

Joseph Academy, founded some years earlier by the Adrian Dominicans. Joseph College was renamed Siena Heights College, in honor of Catherine of Siena, a 14th century Italian Dominican who dedicated her life to a quest for truth and social responsibility, and in recognition of the College s location on the highest land in the surrounding area.

Inthe Board of Trustees voted to change the institution s name again, effective July 1, ; Siena Heights University was chosen as a more accurate reflection of the kind of institution Siena Heights is today.

Throughout its history, Siena Heights has built a proud tradition of innovative response to changing social needs. Originally a college for women who intended to become teachers, Siena Heights broadened its offerings over the years and by the s was recognized as one of the nation s ten best liberal arts colleges for women.

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During the late s, Siena Heights became coeducational and expanded its curriculum to include programs in business and human services. In the s Siena Heights took a leading role in providing opportunities for adult students by offering evening and weekend classes and opening degree-completion centers in Southfield, Michigan, and Toledo, Ohio.

At present, the University offers extensive evening courses at the Adrian campus, offers blended on-line courses in multiple locations, and operates degree-completion centers in eight locations across southern Michigan: InSiena Heights established three colleges to deliver its academic programs: Today Siena Heights continues its long tradition of integrating liberal arts and career education.

The student s total development as an intellectually, socially, and spiritually responsible human being is the basis of Siena Heights University s educational philosophy. The University provides an education that will help students create meaning in their lives and inspire others by their aspirations and achievements.

Siena Heights believes that caring people are the key to creating peace and justice in the world. Siena Heights is a private, post-secondary institution which seeks to identify and respond to the educational needs of people at varying stages of their lives.

The University believes that education in contemporary society should be based upon clearly defined goals.

Since Siena Heights has developed within the framework of Catholicism as lived out in the Adrian Dominican tradition, it believes that individual educational goals should grow out of an encounter with the values which are a part of this tradition.

Specifically, these are the values of the reflective life, the free exploration of ultimate questions, the imperative to witness one s values to the world, the concern for justice in human relationships, and participation in communal celebration.

Inherent in these values is the acceptance of the authenticity of other traditions and their experiences of God.

A writers trip to the concert of the neiu jazz ensemble

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UCSC Recreation is offering the campus community a trip to the Kuumbwa Jazz Center to see the Kat Parra Latin/World Jazz Ensemble on Thursday evening, February 7. Kat Parra easily crosses over from classic jazz to steamy Latin jazz without missing a beat.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. 1 10 50 initiativeblog.com 8f9befc45db1ddc PDF Text Text 10 50 initiativeblog.com Jazz Director Mayo Tiana led the band on Nov. 5, through two sets of 16 total songs, embellished with solos from experienced members of the jazz ensemble and guest soloists.

Adding spice to the trumpet section was Ian Torres and Victor Garcia, supplying the dark and rich tone of the tenor saxophone was Josh Therriault, doubling on clarinet as well.

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