Avs 227 term project

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Avs 227 term project

Avs 227 term project

Filing and Records Management 4 These business electives apply to all business administration degrees and certificates that have Business Program Electives identified in the curriculum.

Survey course in the field of business including topics such as management, finance accounting, marketing, production, computers, international business, small business, investments and other areas of general business interest. Presents double-entry accounting as related to service and merchandising business.

Covers accounting cycle, including journalizing, posting to the general ledger, Avs 227 term project of financial statements, petty cash, bank reconciliations, combined journalspecial journals and payroll. Provides basic information and strategies to empower individuals to make positive decisions about funding their education and establishing control over their financial lives, leading to financial independence and reduced life stress.

Only one may be taken for credit. Introduction to Business Technology. Covers computer concepts and the use of information technology in business organizations including the use of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software.

Includes introduction to hardware, software, databases, system development, and tools that businesses use for communication and collaboration.

Introduces the managerial practices of successful entrepreneurship in all types of organizations. Evaluates the business skills, leadership skills, traits, and commitment necessary to successfully operate an entrepreneurial venture.

Avs 227 term project

Reviews the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. Examines entrepreneurial businesses in the United States and their impact on the economy. Considers recent trends in social entrepreneurship. Learn fundamental skills and basic knowledge in the area of business payroll.

The focus of the course is primarily in the following areas: Introduction to International Business. Explores processes of international trade, whether the company is an importer, exporter, or a multinational firm.

Forms a basis for further study and specialization in the international business field. Business Communication Using Technology. Focuses on using current technology to create, revise, and design business documents: Incorporates the use of library and Internet resources to collect information.

Includes oral presentations using technology presentation tools. Introduces business management theory, including the basic functions of planning, organizing, directing, leading, and controlling as well as factors contributing to change in current management approaches. Presents concepts and skills for the strategic use of e-commerce and related information technology from three perspectives: Examination of e-commerce in altering the structure of entire industries, and how it affects business processes including electronic transactions, supply chains, decision making and organizational performance.

Surveys the role of the nonprofit and voluntary organizations in American society including the history, theory and challenges of the third sector.

Includes the Students4Giving service learning project where students serve as philanthropists to their local community. This course fulfills the following GE requirements: Introduction to Grant Writing. Covers identifying and evaluating appropriate funding sources, developing community relationships, and crafting successful funding proposals.

Develops skills and knowledge necessary to prepare a competitive grant application. Principles of Accounting I. Introduces financial accounting theory, including the accounting cycle, analysis and recording of transactions, and reporting financial information in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles GAAP.

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