Brl hardy globalizing an australian

Globalizing an Australian Term Paper Pages: The case BRL Hardy: Globalizing an Australian Wine Company Bartlett, illustrates how difficult mergers are to navigate at the cultural, qualitative, sales and strategy- based execution levels of a consolidated company. Hardy's expertise at managing distribution, retailing is accentuated by their expertise at regional banding, while BRL is known for its ability to execute global channel management, distribution, product, pricing and positioning strategies.

Brl hardy globalizing an australian

The management of the company should ensure that every decision made should be first approved by the Headquarter. Although the European division should have been given due autonomy, but the senior management there should be reportable to the head quarter. There should be established systems and procedures that make sure that every activity of the division is adhered to the overall organization strategy.

There were many specific factors that were the contributor to have remarkable success of BRL Hardy after merger has been taken.

BRL Hardy Globalizing an Australian Wine Company Case Study Help - Case Solution & Analysis

The success factors and related activities that made it possible to achieve such remarkable success are discussed as follows: As conferred from the case fact, both the companies, BRL and Hardy, were facing financial issues.

They have difficulties in managing financial performance. The merger helps to consolidate the financial resources of both the companies and improve the financial performance. The management of both the companies makes effective strategy to establish financial health of the company and the company focuses on increased domestic sales.

The company set local market key revenue driver. The merger helps the consolidated company to increase its brand quality. BRL has expertise in the sales of bulk cask of wines and on the other hand, hardy has the skills to produce quality wine.

Brl hardy globalizing an australian

The company adopted the strategy to focus on quality of the branded bottle and achieve sales growth through offering quality product, rather than relying solely on the bulk cask business. One of the key success factors was the change management; Millar attempted to change the management style and culture.

The earlier management style was telling style, where the orders are given and instructions flow downward to be implemented without taking input. The management style was revised to the democratic style, where input is taken from everyone and delegation is prioritized Bolden,Key features were: Challenge the status quo Take on responsibility for the decisions made, if delegated.

The company strategically came out of its role of wine exporter and became an international organization in a true sense by establishing overseas ventures and export divisions. The companies make the brand quality of international standard and targeted other competitive brands in the international market.

Brl hardy globalizing an australian

Besides this, the earlier failure of new brand launch imposes risks over the successful ness, as was in the case of Mapocho. The sales and marketing efforts can be utilized to further enhance the marketability and sales of existing product, rather than experimenting with new brand.

The company is already tight on financial resources. Therefore, in these conditions, experimenting with a new brand is too risky…………………….


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Case Summary of BRL Hardy: Globalizing an Australian Wine Company. faced 2 difficult decisions: Should he launch Distinto. Australian wines were becoming a Access to case studies expires six months after purchase date.

Publication Date: December 21, Two new product launch decisions face Christopher Carson, managing director of BRL Hardy, Europe.

BRL Hardy is an Australian Wine company created with the merger of Thomas Hardy and Sons and Berri Renmano Limited (BRL) in while both companies were struggling.


While separately both Hardy and BRL had operated in dramatically different markets, Hardy specialized in the premium quality wine segment and BRL fortified bulk wine  · Brief History BRL Hardy Wine Company is one of the world's leading wine companies.

It has its roots firmly planted in the long and noble history of Australian winemaking, when Thomas Hardy formed the Hardy Wine Company back in /brl-hardy-globalizing-an-australian-wine-company.

· o The UK was the largest worldwide importer of Australian wine exports • Company Background and History o BRL Hardy was the result of a merger between 2 competing Australian wine producers: BRL and Thomas Hardy &

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