Can sri lanka apparel industry face future challenges

Sri Lanka, Iran revive trade agreements [October 09 ] Official level discussions have commenced between Sri Lanka and Iran on reviving trade agreements that were signed between the two countries and will be put into operation soon after ironing out technicalities, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Rishad Bathiudeen said. Reservoir water levels drop, authorities warn of drastic measures [October 02 ] Due to the prevailing drought, water levels of the main reservoirs have dropped to half its capacity, with authorities warning that drastic measures may need to be taken if water is to be continuously released from the reservoirs for power generation.

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Under the Multi Fibre Agreementquota regime Sri Lanka became an attractive new venue for businesses. InMartin Trust, one of the pioneers in the development of "speed sourcing" [5] for the American fashion retail sector, began working with Sri Lankan textile and apparel companies.

In and he established joint venture partnerships with The Omar Group formerly known as LM Apparels and part of the Brandix group and The Amalean Group which helped make the country more competitive through knowledge transfers and technology, attracting further foreign investors.

Can sri lanka apparel industry face future challenges

Together, these three companies account for a majority of the value of exports of garments to the US market. After fighting ceased, Brandix, a garment manufacturer with 25, employees, [10] announced that its factory in Punani would double its exports.


In doing so, the global company announced three international textile exhibits in Sri Lanka, each to highlight a different aspect of the local textile and apparel industry while allaying fears about political instability and to show that Sri Lanka can compete with the EU market.

As ofSri Lanka ranked 12th among apparel exporters to the United States in terms of value.

Can sri lanka apparel industry face future challenges

Sri Lanka Apparel is a signatory to 39 conventions of the International Labour Organizationthe only country with a significant manufacturing industry to do so.The rubber industry is facing great challenges from an increasingly competitive global market, said Dr Abdul Aziz, Secretary General of International Rubber Research and Development Board (IRRDB) and also the Chairman of Confexhub Malaysia on Thursday in Colombo.


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Sri Lanka Tourism has come out with a 3-year strategic plan () addressing the main challenges faced by the industry at present and future expectations of the country.

The main aim of the plan is to double the country’s tourism sector earnings from the . PUBLICATIONS OF FR. TISSA BALASURIYA Books * Christians in a Socialistic Ceylon * The Worker in Sri Lanka () * The Asian Face of Jesus (Introduction) () * Spirituality in the Context of Social Justice () * Coconut Industry and the Macro Development () * Coconut & the Christians Community.

Red The Future of Fashion VIEWS () Introducing a new concept to the apparel industry of Sri Lanka the Founder and CEO of RED - Re-engineered Design, Mihiri De Silva speaks to Business Today about her new venture in the industry.

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Sri Lanka has failed in its commitments to the UN and the International Community and has succeeded in hoodwinking in myriad ways so far and will continue to pursue these tactics in future also.

Sri Lanka having co-sponsored Resolution 30/1 in and 34/1 in cannot go back on it now. In fact many industry professional feel that the situation is quite serious, and believe that if urgent remedial action is not taken immediately, Sri Lanka Tourism will face serious problems in the near future.

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