Cheap amusement book review

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Cheap amusement book review

A Review Cheap Amusements: Temple University Press, Working Women and Leisure in Turn-of-the-Century New York, work and leisure opportunities were open to women in the nineteenth century New York, leading to a new beginning in American culture.

Driven by women, the movement was toward autonomy, assertion, respectability, expressiveness, romance, and sexual experimentation, tensions amongst the classes pose opposition to the leisure of the working class, and through this push, a new culture emerged and the entire face of American society would be forever changed.

This book is about the movement of working class women and the influence of the movement on family life, class, and ethnic groups forming a new American culture, in which all would experience a commonality in the life of leisure.

Women in the working class used the pursuit of leisure to push for freedom and autonomy, influencing modernity and rid ties of old traditions of the Victorian Era. Women in the working class moved away from traditional home life, which was centered on the family and would demand the same rights to leisure on an equivalency to men.

In the book, Cheap Amusements: Working Women and Leisure in Turn-of-the-Century New York, Piess takes the reader on the journey of trials and tribulations in . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Cheap Amusements at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Denver's Lakeside Amusement Park: From the White City Beautiful to a Century of Fun (Timberline Books) [David Forsyth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Denver's Lakeside Amusement Park details the history of Lakeside, exploring how it has managed to remain in business for more than a century (something fewer than thirty Reviews:

The working class could only afford the cheapest amusements, influencing the rest of society in which the upper classes would push for reform with little or no avail. Within the workplace, a mixed sex environment stimulated romance, male-female discussion, and transference of sexual knowledge.

Sexuality was a strong force within the time period and experimentation with sexuality would lead to a push for greater autonomy and independence. These trends would be echoed amongst the masses and change the face of leisure, give rise to feminism, and forever change the social life within America.

Women used this to claim assertion over parental control and gain independence. Dance halls would promise excitement, romance, glamour, and accompanied by sexual experimentation.

Dance halls would lead to treating in which women would return treats with sexual favors. The beliefs of the upper class were working class dance halls were too sexual.

Cheap amusement book review

However, the upper class thought respectable dancing could be achieved through proper form. The upper class tried to purify dances, while some of these dances became mainstays for the middle class in a less sexual form. The middle class would structure halls so limited contact existed between unacquainted men and women.

Vaudeville theaters and movie halls appealed to the masses. Movies marked culture and class division and would range against middle class morals and values.

The humor at the movies would construct the idea of modern womanhood, based on the challenges of feminism and patriarchal order.

The upper class pushed for censorship of sexuality within the theaters and movies. Much pushing and shoving existed amongst the classes, women in the working class pushed to be wild and free, to do as they wished.

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However, the upper class looked to contain these supposedly out of control women. What this age did and the final result being an attempt to find a median, and define what proper fun was, in the life of leisure.

This led to changes of social life amongst all classes, lead to freer sexuality, greater autonomy for women, and the appeal of amusement to the masses. She received her B. Before working at Penn State, she was director of the graduate program and history department chair at the University of Massachusetts.

She has written many books including, Passion and Power: Sexuality in History, Men and Women: Her book, Hope in a Jar: Peiss is bias to her emphasis on gender and sexuality and their influence on culture is her strength as well as her weakness; she allows this emphasis to obscure her views, and fails to leave out possibilities of other influences on American life.

Peiss uses primary sources by obtaining information from women who lived during the Victorian Era and using government documents. Peiss uses government documents such as U. Bureau of the Census, and investigative reports of the time. Single working women and their push for leisure influenced a trend throughout society for greater freedom for women through sexuality and emergence in cultural changes throughout American society.

According to Peiss, ethnic patterns would shape different work cultures. Some immigrants, according to Peiss, rejected American culture. The immigrants saw the culture as a threat to the old culture, while their children would anxiously accept American culture.

In both cases, greater employment opportunity for women would lead to greater freedoms for women. The book could be summed up much faster than the pages allow. The book seems to contain unneeded information, and ideas that do not pertain to the central argument.

Some prior knowledge would be helpful.

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Order cheap checks online and pay as low as $ Choose from over 10, check products. We offer business checks & personal checks. Fast shipping. Satisfaction guaranteed. Peiss’ Cheap Amusements: Working Women and Leisure in Turn-of-the-Century New York is of the utmost importance, the book leaves the American public with the important role that the women’s working class would played in shaping American culture, and teaches us that actions of a few and a voice can change the world and influence the . Cheap Amusements. New York: Temple University. New York: Temple University. In Cheap Amusements, Kathy Peiss studies the customs, values, public styles, and ritualized interactions expressed in leisure time of the working-class women living in New York.

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Cheap Amusements has ratings and 30 reviews. Anne said: Thorough and fascinating study, and the academese is less turgid than many a dissertation-cum /5.

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