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Change, however, is not an isolated process. It occurs within some context.

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Within a week, we created this website and posted an initial, detailed critique of the analysis and conclusions of those reports. Since then, independent critiques of the Wells and Exponent Reports have multiplied and scientists across the country who examined the PSI and weather data have concluded that science fully explains the PSI measurements found in the Wells Report.

We have posted a collection of those positions on this website and they remain available for review here. Many thoughtful people have, with further information and consideration, revised their initial impressions, which were largely based on false information leaked by League personnel and on the interpretations put on ambiguous, at best, facts by the League and its lawyers.

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The League, however, in pursuing its legal strategies, has escalated its defense of the Wells Report and its conclusions, often at the expense of accuracy.

Many of the flaws in the Wells and Exponent Reports have been exposed. The detailed scientific critiques of the Exponent Report have been explored by experts. But many of the dubious bases for the Wells Report remain unexplored.

For these reasons, we post below our counsel Daniel L. We hope that it will induce added examination by those who are interested and allow them to reach their own conclusions regarding this matter and how the PSI of the footballs at the AFC Championship Game in January came to be under He did not ask the League to take any steps before the game to keep control of the game balls the next day or do anything else to ensure that the game balls would meet regulation.

Nor did the League consider the potential impact of weather on PSI, because the League was completely unaware of such impact. Unfortunately, the League drew conclusions about the reasons for those PSI levels without taking into account the effect of weather or the Ideal Gas Law, a scientific equation that explains that for every drop in temperature there will be a corresponding, and calculable, drop in PSI.

The data collected that night showed expected drops in PSI.

Context 2 having a sense of

The leaked misinformation sparked a firestorm of speculation and a presumption of guilt that the Patriots and Tom Brady were forced to address. The accurate data would not be revealed by the League until over 15 weeks later, on May 6,when the Wells Report was made public.

Once these independent minds had a chance to review the true data — not the erroneous data leaked by the League at the outset — and match it up with science, the scientific explanation of the PSI of the footballs on Jan. This PSI range has been in place for decades.

It did not derive from any competitive concerns over air pressure. There has never been a study of whether football air pressure has any impact on game play or whether minor differences in PSI are even discernible to the touch.

Rule 2 was apparently based on a recommendation by the manufacturer of the footballs, much like a tire manufacturer provides consumers with a suggested PSI for its tires.

Context 2 having a sense of

In the history of the NFL, prior to January ofthe League never paid much attention to what happens to the PSI of footballs during a game, and the PSI of footballs was never measured during or after any game. Even if the footballs measure pre-game at the high end of the range at It is also a scientific fact that footballs that are gauged pre-game at the low end of the range, at He was not alone.

Apparently no game official or anyone at the League had any understanding about the impact of temperature changes on PSI. Given the total lack of understanding about how temperature and weather impact the PSI in footballs, accusations of cheating by the Patriots were already being made by League officials during the second half of the AFC Championship Game.

Less than 24 hours later, this prejudgment of wrongdoing was officially adopted by the League. The League still had no understanding of the Ideal Gas Law when it sent this letter. Had the actual PSI halftime measurements been released in the days following the game, there would have been a quick scientific assessment and explanation of the situation.

The false information was allowed to fester, creating largely inalterable and inaccurate public perceptions of what happened. As mentioned above, since the release of the Wells Report, numerous independent scientists have studied the data.

See, for example, http: According to Exponent, if the 11 Patriots footballs were measured, on average, within the first two minutes of halftime, their PSI measurements were fully explained by the Ideal Gas Law.

See Exponent Report at pp. XIII, 54, and The Myths Myth 1: No records were kept of the timing of the halftime PSI measurements. No simulations were done to see how long it might have taken to start and complete the gauging.

The information in the Wells Report from the interviews of seven League and Game Officials present at halftime was that: They knew that time was limited and that they needed to act quickly.

It takes two to three seconds to gauge a football, as confirmed by the highly-viewed video of a Game Official gauging a football before a Chicago Bears game, which video was part of a Peter King MMQB report.

Further, it is a basic premise of the Wells Report and of an Exponent study that appears as Appendix 2 to the Exponent Report that one person, acting alone, can complete the following in less than seconds:1 Timothy prevents women from teaching a specific heresy that twisted the Bible's creation story to make women spiritually superior to men.

Here's the evidence. @sab cleo. Question: How does the cultural context effect the central characters? Understanding the question!!!!! To start the cultural context is the era of time/region or country where the text is placed in.

Introduction. It has been 10 months since the page Wells Report and the accompanying page Exponent Report were issued. Within a week, we created this website and posted an initial, detailed critique of the analysis and conclusions of those reports.

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For example, a dictionary may have over 50 different senses of the word "play", each of these having a different meaning based on the context of the word's usage in a sentence, as follows. We went to see the play Romeo and Juliet at the theater.

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