Determine the various roles the host government played in the nike sweatshop debate

The subject of this book is corporate social responsibility CSRa broad term that refers generally to the ethical role of the corporation in society.

Determine the various roles the host government played in the nike sweatshop debate

Such is the nature of man. In this we are no different than any other species on this planet. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. This does not mean, however, that we do not interact and form relationships with others. It takes nine people to play baseball and unless they play as a team, they will surely lose.

Temporary relationships such as these are formed for a specific purpose and dissolved as soon as that purpose is fulfilled.

Determine the various roles the host government played in the nike sweatshop debate

It is solely the game that has brought these players together and there is no need for them to share their innermost secrets.

Although we tend to think of individuals with whom we closely associate as being our friends, we must constantly be on guard to prevent any Jim Bouton type who may be lurking among them, i.

I've singled out Jim Bouton, but, in truth, I think he is no different than any of the rest of us. It is the nature of the beast within us—we are all potential predators.

People do what they must to survive. Trusting anyone farther than necessary is an invitation to betrayal. In extraordinary circumstances and under tremendous pressures, even the best of friendships can unravel. Tell no one more than they need to know and you won't get burned.

You can be a nice guy without being a sucker.

Man is a social animal. Establishing bonds with fellow human beings is a natural, healthy desire. Most would argue that it is essential to the individual's psychological well-being. I do not dispute this fact. Nonetheless, a person would have to be a fool not to realize that the potential for danger is very real.

Linda Tripp provides an example with which we are all familiar.

Determine the various roles the host government played in the nike sweatshop debate

Monica Lewinsky approached her as a trusted friend and co-worker, asking for Tripp's advice on a personal matter. Tripp took advantage of the relationship by surreptitiously recording their conversation. Wearing a wire is to me the ultimate act of betrayal. Of course, this was an extraordinary case involving no less a personage than the President of the United States.

Still, if a savvy politician like Bill Clinton could be snagged in the fine mesh net formed by interlocking relationships, shouldn't that give all of us cause for concern? The classic model of friendship which we learn as children is the story of Damon and Pythias. According to the tale, they were such close friends that when Pythias faced execution for plotting against a tyrant, Damon volunteered to take his place so he could go home and arrange his personal affairs.

Should Pythias fail to return, Damon would be put to death. Of course, Pythias returned at the last possible moment and the gods, moved by the display of friendship, intervened and released them both.

Through the ages this tale has set the standard for faith and loyalty between friends. Too bad it's no longer so. Nowadays, a friend is someone you invite to your Princess House party or sell Amway products to. Friends are for networking and are valued for what they can do for you.

Needless to say, friends are no longer necessarily soulmates. Damon and Pythias purportedly lived in the 4th century B. A lot has changed since then. In Roman times, most people lived in the place where they were born for their entire lives and came to know and trust their neighbors.

But today, due to the increasingly mobile nature of the post-industrial workforce pundits quip that we have become high tech nomads riding SUV's instead of camelsthe average family uproots and moves once every three years. This is hardly conducive to deep bonding.This exercise, the first of its kind, brought together over individuals from the military, various levels of government, industry and academia to examine the ability of San Antonio, Bexar County and surrounding region to react to a cyber attack on the area’s critical infrastructures.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing is asking lawmakers to make sure that doesn't happen. This wearable technology possesses various functions but in relation to manufacturing can assist workers with strength, giving them the ability to carry heavy objects with ease.

This is one of many robots that would help workers work more. This is why everything the Left controls, be it the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google, message boards of various MSM outlets, etc., eventually move to exclude opinions that do not abide by their.

Pressure to stick to traditional roles in what is called the ‘care economy’ mean that women tend to have fewer hours available for waged work. removal of localisation laws that require foreign providers to set up in host countries and; This age-old debate in the . Worryingly, the rally succeeded in pressuring the Australian government to “introduc[e] poorly framed, racist legislation The various examples of media-supported protests examined here, raise concerns over the role of the media in democracies.

In each case, after stolen elections, the media played an important role in catalysing. examine: "Nike: The Sweatshop Debate" at the end of Part 2 address the following issues: a) Describe the legal, cultural, and ethical challenges that confront Nike b) Determine the various roles that host governments played in this particular operation.

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