Einstein handwriting analysis

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Einstein handwriting analysis

I am contacting you with regards to your article on graphology. Before we continue further, I feel that it is in our best interest for me to first identify myself as a soon-to-be-published graduate student in Nuclear Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, originally from the U.

Although I have no officially educated background in handwriting, Einstein handwriting analysis do have quite the background on statistics, critical thinking, and the philosophy of science. After reading your article on graphology, I do not feel as though you have been fair enough to it.

That is not to say that the claims of graphologists are not absurd, but I feel as though there are some better-than-random not by much, though chances of indicating personality by analysis of the handwriting. As mentioned previously, I am an engineer.

einstein handwriting analysis

As such, there are two specific modifications to my handwriting that I've adapted over the years. A second modification is that I frequently draw the letter "l" lowercase L in cursive, even when the rest of my text isn't, so as to avoid confusion with "I" capital i and "1" one. Now, although some people who are not engineers or mathematicians or physicists or scientists also make these modifications, such people are quite rare, and the vast majority of people who use this sort of writing are engineer-like people.

Engineers, as you may also be aware, tend to have quirky by "normal" standards personalities, and have more type A personalities than most, and enjoy playing with technological gizmos.

Thus, anyone who knows a little bit about engineers, and a little bit about how engineers write, could deduce that I am an engineer by the way I write, and then guess a little bit about my personality.

I am not an expert in how everyone else in the world writes, but it would not be too far of a jump to suppose that other occupations have similar writing habits.

There are also other modifications that I have made, to avoid confusion of my letters and Japanese script. If someone were intelligent enough to learn about these, he could guess that I have lived in Japan for several years and also be able to guess that Japanese culture has begun to rub off on me.

Thus, I feel that by analyzing handwriting, one should be able to determine with certainty that is better than pure chance but not necessarily by much more the personality of the person who wrote it.

Thus, I feel that your article's overall tone is incorrect. You state via a quote that graphology is no better than chance. I think a partial rebuttal by yourself describing these minimalist effects might make the article more correct, and also give a better understanding to the general public about phenomena such as confirmation biases.

After all, if a person only sees, "There is 0 reason to believe this," as opposed to, "There is only negligible reason to believe this, but scrutiny reduces that," then how can you expect that person to learn about confirmation biaswhich is arguably more important than the article itself.

einstein handwriting analysis

Alternatively, it may also be better to state that graphology is no more accurate than a second face-to-face conversation. Of course, I'll trust in you to do the research necessary to show just how valid or invalid my claims in this email are.

You can count on me. I'll get right on it. Though you seem to have made the point quite well, it would be better if we had some controlled studies to back us up. I'll see if I can find them.

Einstein papers

My guess is that if you set up a challenge between a forensic document analyst, some people with much experience reading documents but no special training in handwriting analysis, and some expert graphologists, you would find that the kinds of details you have brought up would probably not be detected by the graphologists at a rate greater than the other two groups.

Also, while it might be fudging the issue a bit, one might consider crossing sevens and using foreign language symbols as "content. Anyway, graphologists are having a hard time of it these days since hardly anybody takes pen or pencil in hand to write. There is a glaring error in Mr.

In one paragraph he describes an engineer's personality: I don't see any evidence for this.Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein’s handwriting reveals the mastermind. Graphology courses stress that unpretentious handwriting may reveal a genius mind.

WRITE LIKE EINSTEIN? OR Write like Einstein! font that had a strong resemblance to Einstein's handwriting and was beautiful in its own right. of letters, a font based upon handwriting analysis tends to reflect a mother tongue, almost like a spoken “accent” lingers, so-to-say, when you learn a foreign language.

Albert Einstein Albert Einstein’s handwriting reveals the mastermind. Graphology courses stress that unpretentious handwriting may reveal a genius mind. The Handwriting Sensei, Terre Haute, IN.

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Einstein's handwritten letter predicting rise of Nazi party up for auction. The application of the Gestalt theory to handwriting analysis is attributed to Dr. Ludwig Klages () a German handwriting analyst, philosopher and psychologist who started publishing articles and essays on handwriting analysis in Especially significant is “Handwriting and Character” published in Profiles of Famous People Below, are the handwriting analysis results of some of the famous personalities that we have profiled.

Profiles can be seen in the full 10 page pdf format.

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