Emerging infectious diseases essay

When there is a disturbance to the natural environment, for example logging and urbanization, pathogens and reservoirs are disturbed and displaced leading to emergence in the human population and increased infection rates. Many emerging viral diseases are caused by some variety of RNA viruses, which compared to DNA viruses, have a higher susceptibility to mutation.

Emerging infectious diseases essay

Announcements Perspectives Articles should not exceed 3, words in the main body of the text or include more than 50 references. Use of subheadings in the main body of the text is recommended.

Emerging infectious diseases essay

Photographs and illustrations are encouraged. Provide a short abstract not to exceed wordsa 1-sentence summary of the conclusions, and a brief biographical sketch of first author or of both authors if only 2 authors.

Articles in this section should provide insightful analysis and commentary about new and reemerging infectious diseases and related issues. Perspectives may also address factors known to influence the emergence of diseases, including microbial adaptation and change, human demographics and behavior, technology and industry, economic development and land use, international travel and commerce, and the breakdown of public health measures.

If detailed methods are included, a separate section on experimental procedures should immediately follow the body of the text. Synopses Articles should not exceed 3, words in the main body of the text or include more than 50 references.

Provide a short abstract not to exceed wordsa 1-line summary of the conclusions, and a brief biographical sketch of first author or of both authors if only 2 authors.

This section comprises case series papers and concise reviews of infectious diseases or closely related topics. Preference is given to reviews of new and emerging diseases; however, timely updates of other diseases or topics are also welcome.

Research Articles should not exceed 3, words in the main body of the text or include more than 50 references. Use of subheadings in the main body of the text is recommended e.

Report laboratory and epidemiologic results within a public health perspective. Explain the value of the research in public health terms and place the findings in a larger perspective i. Articles describing mathematical, economic, or statistical studies have some additional restrictions because readers of Emerging Infectious Diseases may not necessarily have extensive training in these areas.

With the increase in submissions of these types of articles, we have developed the following editorial criteria to screen submitted papers. Editorial criteria for mathematical, economic, and statistical papers Criterion Overall content Must provide information that our audience public health officials is likely to find of "immediate and practical" value.

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Must reflect the realities of public health. In the main text, equations should be kept to a minimum, and those that are presented should preferably be written out in words rather than mathematical notation.

Mathematical, statistical, and economic jargon should be eliminated or used sparingly. In the main text, and in diagrams and tables associated with the main text, mathematical notation should be kept to a minimum. Technical aspects Where possible, mathematical, economic, and statistical articles should include a simple schematic diagram outlining the elements in the model s and how they are connected.

Models should contain detailed sensitivity analyses. Univariate 1 variable at a time sensitivity analyses are generally considered inadequate. One goal of sensitivity analyses should be to define which inputs are, within the model, relatively most important. All articles should contain sufficient description of the methods to allow independent replication of results by another researcher with suitable skills and interest.

Figures should be as simple as possible. The use of color should be kept to a minimum. It is insufficient to only report p values as evidence of statistical significance.

Authors must also report some measure of dispersion e.Jan 31,  · Provide a photo of the subject, a brief clue to the person’s identity, and 5 possible answers, followed by an essay describing the person’s life and his or her significance to public health, science, and infectious disease.

Etymologia. We welcome thoroughly researched derivations of . Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases (Essay Sample) Instructions: As presented in this week's readings, many individuals actually acquire infections as a result of being treated in a hospital.

As you know, hospitals are no longer being reimbursed for services required . Emerging infectious diseases have become an interesting topic of research and study because of the vast medical knowledge they encompass and their conspicuous social, economic and medical impacts.

A recent article in Los Angeles Times describes an astonishing aspect of urinary tract infections. - Emerging infectious diseases can be defined as infections that have newly appeared in a population or have existed but are rapidly increasing in incidence or geographic range.

Emerging infectious diseases essay

More than 36 new emerging infectious diseases have been identified worldwide since , identified by WHO and CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). While it has become possible to eradicate certain infectious diseases (smallpox and the veterinary disease rinderpest), and to significantly control many others (dracunculiasis, measles, and polio, among others), it seems unlikely that we will eliminate most emerging infectious diseases in the foreseeable future.

More Essay Examples on Influenza Rubric. The definition of emerging disease has evolved rapidly over the last few decades. In , the Institute of Medicine released a statement defining “emerging infectious diseases [as] diseases of infectious origin whose incidence in humans has increased within the past two decades or threatens to increase in the near future.

2 The IOM definition was too.

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