Essay on the book uglies

It takes place in years, in a society where until the age of 16, people are known as "Uglies". Once an Ugly turns 16, they undergo an operation, turning them into a "Pretty", a beautifully symmetrical being with full lips, big eyes, perfect figure, everybody the same. Most think of this as a good thing, something to look forward to- finally moving out of Uglyville- like Tally Youngblood, a teenage girl about to turn While waiting for her birthday to come, Tally meets another Ugly, Shay, who, unlike Tally, doesn't want to become a Pretty and who has outside contact with a rebellious group called The Smoke.

Essay on the book uglies

This book reads from third-person point of view. The Uglies takes place in two different communities the first community is a place where basic people of the world live, they are known to be called the uglies.

In the second community is a place where the people known as the pretties live. Thats what makes the story so fiction because we are not in the future.

Nor do live in the a ugly town or pretty town. So far the story has a unique plot because the is based on future events. At times its hard to comprehend, seeing as things are different or not yet invented.

The first conflict in the story was man verses man because Perish agrees with the rules of society and Tally doesnt. In the story Tally goes to visit Perish but he seems to not want her there. He says to her " You need to leave here before anyone sees you.

Promise me that you wont come back" p Tally asks Perish if they were still best friends.

Figurative language in the book The Uglies by Scott Westerfield

He signed and replied "Sure, whatever in three months" p The second conflict are described as man vs. It was said that "once the teenagers turned sixteen they were to become one of the pretties" The only problem with Tally was that she wasn't looking forward to becoming one the pretties leading her to stand alone with society.

The author, Scott Westfeld uses alliteration a lot throughout the chapters. For example, on page 93 and also 97 the letter p is constantly repeated. But when you say you're pretty people pay more attention Stipped out replaced with programmable plastic, skin Scott seems to always create things espeacially new words.

Seeing as, the story takes place in the future.

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Also, the use of dialect is different and confusing. Is an example of onomatopoeia, the serious-trick is another word for a professional outfit. Another example would be on page It was where everyone went for serious operations: In our socitey, the present, there is no serious operations with those names.

Essay on the book uglies

The irony in the "Uglies" is all throughout the story. It first takes place at the beginning of the book, when Tally wants to see Perish.

Essay on the book uglies

She goes to see him but theres slight conflict. Something that'll get you into trouble" The strap and zippers seemed to wind around her like snakes until the plastic was snug around her waist and thighs Is an example of a simile.Published in , Uglies is the first in a series of four novels by Scott was published to general critical acclaim and was nominated for the South Carolina Book Young Adult.

The Uglies Essay. I think that the book The Uglies is very similar to our generation now. In the book you are judged by your appearances, teens consider themselves awkward and also think that the adults do not understand what they go through as kids, and everything is different from when they were that age.

paragraph 3: explain the type of oppressive dystopian control that is present in the book, using 3 specific examples from the text paragraph 4: describe how the main character or characters fit the characteristics of the dystopian protagonist, using 3 .

Davids dad, who is a doctor, but dies towards the end of the book, learned about brain lesions. Maddy. Davids mom, who is a doctor, and helps rescue the smokies from special circumstances, learned about brain lesions a place that rebel uglies goto escape the surgery and the utopia, they live like the pre rusties Just send your request.

Tally Youngblood is the main character and protagonist of the original Uglies trilogy. Tally is a fifteen year old ugly, waiting to turn sixteen and to finally become a pretty. Uglies.

The Uglies By:Scott Westerfeld

Scott Westerfeld. Scott s Blog. which means that you need to think about your thesis statement.

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