Gcse english coursework poems

What really must be covered in your coursework and exam answers? Interpretation At the core of any and every answer or essay about poetry must be your own interpretation of the poem or poems you are writing about.

Gcse english coursework poems

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Posted on Friday, December 16th, It is essential that everyone becomes aware of the differences in expectation of the new GCSE examinations for English state school students in comparison with the IGCSE sat by the independent sector.

Only for those Educated within the English State System!

Gcse english coursework poems

With reference to Gcse english coursework poems course outlines, it can be evidenced that not are independent schools able sit coursework and be entered for exams in January and June, the examination they are sitting is actually easier too.

There are numerous examples in the media where we are repeatedly told how much better private schools are in comparison to those in the state system. Surely we should make the state schools sit more straightforward examinations to allow for social deprivation, lack of facilities, larger class sizes, a teacher shortage and major cuts in funding in education?

In Appendix 5 — 7 I have recreated the English Literature GCSE for English state schools — this is to show you an exact comparison of what the same examination board is expecting of their students depending on whether they are at an independent or a state school.

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Below, I have bullet pointed the main differences, which serve to highlight that it is not just the coursework that is a factor in making the IGCSE easier, it is also the content, the approach, the length of the examinations, and the academic rigour of the examinations.

However, students will be provided with the anthology poems in the examination. GCSE students must also have the skills to compare two unseen poems — all over 4 hours of examination. There is a distinct difference here: The poem will be reproduced in the question paper.

ONE question comparing two unseen contemporary poems.

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This is much more difficult, and requires a great deal more skill. This then has to be put into a context of the rest of the curriculum for these students: My eldest son is in a state school in England.

This is an intolerable amount of pressure — and his targets are Grade 9 for all subjects. He feels like giving up now.

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He cannot see how he is ever going to achieve this — and he has informed and supportive parents. What happens to the students without parental support, or who get extreme pressure from home?

And we are actually wondering why there is an increase in mental health issues?

Gcse english coursework poems

Questions that need to be answered: Is this a test of academic ability or emotional endurance? If the independent schools and the rest of the UK do not have to inflict this regime on their students, why are we putting the English state students through this?

We used to motivate borderline students who were getting disaffected by saying they had done their coursework, and needed to complete the course. At Y9 many students are already feeling that they cannot possibly succeed in such a system.Brooke Weston Academy is a leading secondary school in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Andrew Moore's resource site for English teachers; free access to extensive teaching resources for English at KS3/4, GCSE and Advanced Level. Techniques Used in War Photographer.

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Love is a common stereotypical subject for poets, which has been used for many centuries. The poems we have been studying contain a collection of emotions all based around the theme of ‘love’.

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