Handling peer pressure essay

Either the organization has agreed to have its description included or the description appeared in public documents such as professional literature or publically accessible Internet documents. Many corporations contacted by Peer Resources have mentoring programs and requested that their mentor activities remain confidential because they believed that their mentor program provided them with a productivity edge over their competition, or they believed their approach to mentoring should remain private. More specific contact information, such as the name, address, telephone, fax, and e-mail address of a program coordinator or the organization are only available to members of the Peer Resources Network.

Handling peer pressure essay

Only you can see this list Having traveled the world to compete for the United States at national and world figure skating competitions, I have experienced my fair share of heart-pounding moments and hosted butterflies in my stomach more times than not.

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The nerves figure skaters feel when performing are no different than during tough interviews, important presentations, or uncomfortable conversations with co-workers and bosses. Next time you find yourself in a high pressure situation where stakes are high, try these tips to help you exude grace and poise.

I have experienced cheek-reddening slips not just on the ice! I re-framed my approach to those moments and began to view those situations as an opportunity to show how I could gracefully recover.

Actively invoking the calm you desire to experience internally will eventually manifest itself into genuine feelings of cool, controlled confidence.

In figure skating, the ones who receive the highest scores do not necessarily possess the best technique—instead, they are the ones who sell the performance to the audience and invoke the attitude that they deserve the gold. Similarly, if you go into a job interview doubting your abilities and questioning whether you deserve the position compared to other applicants, you will convey that lack of confidence to the interviewer.

How to Stop Feeling Like You Should Be Further in Life by Now ] Try not to focus on what you may lack, and actively remind yourself of your accomplishments, skills, and all the reasons you should get the job. The more you engage in positive self-talk, the more you will know and believe your worth.

No matter how inconsequential it seems, practice makes perfect. The endless hours of training on the ice and in any sport not only develops skills, but muscle memory that makes for confident, poised, and polished performances. The more you prepare yourself for a high pressure situation, the better you perform.

Handling peer pressure essay

Writing out potential interview questions beforehand, asking a peer to observe you run through a practice proposal, or studying up on literature to improve your knowledge of a particular subject are invaluable training efforts.

As the skills you practice become more natural, you will simultaneously feel more confident about your preparedness for the upcoming event. Eating well and resting your body is important whether you are an athlete or young professional.

Taking care of yourself is critical to maintaining a sharp mind and helping ready yourself when office frenzy hits.

I found it was helpful to make small lifestyle changes rather than wholesale changes that are naturally harder to maintain.

Simple, smart changes can energize you and heighten your ability to tackle any nerve-wracking challenges thrown your way. The key is in perception, and in positively viewing adrenaline as a boost as opposed to an obstacle; channeling the added bursts of energy will propel you forward rather than psyche you out.

Do not stress over what you cannot control. Without fail, obstacles arise: If anything, appreciate the adversity as an opportunity to grow stronger, and feel excited about the prospect of thriving even when conditions are less than ideal—you will feel a much greater sense of achievement!

Share in the comments!Peer pressure is the influence of one’s peer group. In our society today peer pressure has become very relevant all around us. A lot of peer pressure occurs in high school and college, where people are just trying to fit in.

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For example, positive peer pressure can be used to pressure bullies into acting better toward other kids.

If enough kids get together, peers can pressure each other into doing what's right! If enough kids get together, peers can . Growing up everyone will expierence some form of peer pressure. Peer pressure is the control and influence people your age may have on you. Peer pressure can occur in many kinds of relationships.

Handling peer pressure essay

The way you respond to peer pressure can have a great impact on the decisions you make and, in turn 3/5(9). The desire to fit in and feel like you are part of a group is normal, and most people feel this way sometimes, especially in the teen and young adult years.

Peer pressure, that feeling that you have to do something to fit in, be accepted, or be respected, can be tough to deal with. It can be overt.

Dealing With Peer Pressure