Maslow vs tiger woods essay

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Maslow vs tiger woods essay

Humanity is Overrated House and Psychology: Humanity is Overrated Book author: In House and Psychology: Humanity is Overrated, edited by Drs.

Maslow vs tiger woods essay

Your experimental subjects are the fictional characters of the hit series House, M. The editors position House and Psychology as a supplemental text for psychology courses in high schools and colleges. The book relies heavily, though not exclusively, on the tenets of social psychology in particular, with forays into abnormal and personality psychology and, to a lesser degree, neuroscience and the psychology of learning.

The result mixes solid research with entertaining fiction. Their expertise includes but is not limited to research in the psychology of authenticity, cognition, creativity, humor, intergroup relations, moral reasoning and judgment, power plays, and self-esteem, as well as addictions, the neurobiology of mental illness, and psychophysiology.

Specialties also include parasocial attachments to television characters and psychiatry in film. Chapter 1 addresses helping behaviors. Is House an authentic person despite his penchant for lying?

Evidence in Chapter 2 indicates that authenticity is multidimensional, and that House excels in some factors but not all. The personality theories of Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers are among those brought to bear on the doctor and his diagnostic team.

As a viewer of the show might expect, House ranks high on creativity, but why?

House and Psychology: Humanity is Overrated

Chapter 3 delves into theories surrounding payoff vs. Divergent thinking making connections between disparate objects and the role of the subconscious in processing memories round out the chapter.

House does much more poorly in his relationships, but his entire staff experiences problems there. Chapter 4 closes by addressing issues of trust, conflict, and the dissolution of relationships.

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Chapter 5 discusses the components of achieving happiness and the myths associated with it. Flow — being absorbed in the moment, as when House is fully engaged with a medical puzzle — also contributes to happiness.

Chapter 6 examines social support and the importance of reciprocity. Cameron and Wilson both give more support than they receive, while House receives more support than he gives. The chapter also addresses the different types of social support tangible, informational, and emotional and the best times to apply each.

At times, simply knowing that support is available can suffice. The lack of robust social networks outside Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital presents a problem for the entire team. It reviews the different styles of humor, such as the aggressive and less often self-defeating style that House employs.

Is Gregory House a true clinical case of narcissistic personality disorder? Chapter 8 scores him on that spectrum, comparing and contrasting him with people like Tiger Woods. Unlike most individuals with the disorder, House not only talks a good game, he delivers.

Chapter 9 describes a participant study suggesting that everybody does, but in different ways. Even sympathetic characters like Wilson and Cameron lie. He differs from the average person who fears getting caught in a falsehood, but who also lies for fear of offending another.

The chapter discusses concepts such as neuroeconomics and the Iowa Gambling Task. In this task, normal subjects differed from drug addicts and from people experiencing a particular type of brain damagewho risked larger losses in favor of immediate rewards.

Chase uses alcohol as self-medication to numb his emotions.

Maslow vs tiger woods essay

Chapter 11, on conformity, argues that House performs a valuable service by encouraging dissension within his team. The chapter cites experiments such as that by Solomon Asch, in which the need to conform led subjects to give answers they knew were wrong.

Chapter 12 plots several series regulars and a recurring character on the Interpersonal Circumplex, whose four quadrants measure high to low ranges of two dimensions: What confers power on a person?

The chapter examines the power struggles between House and Cuddy and discusses issues of risk-taking, self-confidence, goal setting, and empathy or the lack thereof. It explores the relationship between our brains and our thoughts, feelings, and behavior by providing background on several neurological disorders.

Generally stable over time and across situations, personality is connected with numerous aspects of our daily lives. The series House, M. His tough-mindedness and dogmatism are more conservative attributes.Tiger Woods won his 4th green jacket in which is actually his most RECENT if you can believe that!

I had previously posted the front 9 but made some adjustments and posted the full round, incl. The highly coveted green jacket belonged to a young Tiger Woods. It was just a few years after his passing did we see the unraveling of Tiger Woods. In the , Tiger suffered a knee injury that would eventually force him to put a halt on his golfing career for the rest of the calendar year.

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