Ozone depletion essay conclusion

Final Thoughts and Conclusion There is no doubt that the problem of ozone depletion exists and deserves extensive research and attention. With the release of each and every CFC, our ozone layer takes one small step towards its destruction. The entire world must unite in order to expel this problem forever. The effects of ozone depletion are real and of great global significance.

Ozone depletion essay conclusion

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These advances, in turn, led to the industrial revolution, the invention of the automobile, and growth of the automobile industry. Extending from 10 kilometers km to 50 km above the earth, the stratosphere has the highest concentration of ozone.

Altitude 1 This is what is normally known as the "ozone layer".

Essay on Depletion of Ozone Layer ( Words)

The ozone layer serves a vital purpose in the stratosphere as it blocks out harmful ultraviolet rays. Chlorofluorocarbons CFCs are man-made substances which, for more than 50 years, were considered to be miracle substances because they were virtually non-toxic, nonflammable, and inexpensive to produce.

Due to their stable nature, Ozone depletion essay conclusion remained intact for long periods of time in the atmosphere. Over time, winds have transported them into the stratosphere where they have been subjected to high levels of radiation.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The radiation causes the CFCs to break down and release chlorine. Nitrogen compounds are used in agricultural fertilizers wheras nitrous oxide is produced by combustion. Methane is produced by a biological reaction between bacteria and organic matter.

It is given off by cows, marshes, landfills, and garbage dumps. Schneider 21, Both substances are stable and react similar to CFCs in the stratosphere to deplete the ozone. They are naturally occurring carbon or hydrocarbon fuels including oil, coal, and natural gas.

Ozone depletion essay conclusion

These fuels are used to heat homes and businesses as well as power industrial equipment and automobiles. One of the endproducts of the combustion of these fuels is carbon dioxide CO2.

Carbon dioxide and the other byproducts of burning fossil fuels contribute to the build-up of ozone or smog in the troposphere. High levels of smog over urban areas such as Los Angeles can have detrimental effects on humans and plant life.

Carbon dioxide has the ability to absorb high amounts of infrared energy, thus producing heat, and thereby warming the atmosphere.

Schneider Efforts to decrease smog are also increasing the amount of harmful gases in the upper atmosphere. An article in the newspaper quoting the EPA stated that, "the catalytic converter, designed to scrub smog out of automobile exhaust, is spewing greenhouse gases from tailpipes into the upper atmosphere.

These gases, CFCs, CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone, form an invisible ceiling in the troposphere. This ceiling absorbs harmful radiation from the sun and prevents the loss of energy while allowing visible light to enter.

This process helps to maintain a steady temperature on the earth. The thinning of the ozone layer in the stratosphere has allowed more harmful ultraviolet radiation to enter the upper atmosphere.

The overabundance of these gases, particularly CO2, in the lower atmosphere, has led to increased absorption of infrared radiation. Even if that warming is not yet obvious, they warned, it is already generating bizarre and extreme changes in the weather.


This new period of less stable climate we have entered, is likely to cause widespread economic, social, and environmental dislocation. In scientists discovered a hole in the stratospheric ozone layer over Antarctica.

Similar depletions were also found over the Arctic. The resultant increase in temperature has led to the melting of the polar glaciers. Consequently, sea levels are rising and major flooding has started to occur in cities and agricultural areas.

Scientists believe that the current catastrophic weather events associated with El Nino may be associated with global warming. Gelbspan Coasts are being washed away, low lying areas have been flooded out, and tornadoes have destroyed entire towns.

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Areas which normally experience extremely cold winters are experiencing unseasonably warm weather.Conclusion As you see, most ozone depletion resulted from the human activities. Hence, we should always remind ourselves and raise awareness on the ozone depletion.

Making small changes in our habit can make a difference in our future. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Essay on Depletion of Ozone Layer! Ozone is a gas in the lower level of stratosphere.

Ozone depletion essay conclusion

It is a kind of super-charged oxygen (O 3). It makes a layer in the atmosphere which acts as a cover to the Earth against ultraviolet radiation of the Sun. The canopy of ozone layer is with variable extent less.

I have already covered the causes, effects and what we can do to reduce/prevent it in the main body. Please help me. Thank you.' and find homework help for other Essay Lab, Ozone Layer Depletion. Essay on Depletion of Ozone Layer! Ozone is a gas in the lower level of stratosphere.

It is a kind of super-charged oxygen (O 3).It makes a layer in the atmosphere which acts as a cover to the Earth against ultraviolet radiation of the Sun. The free Environment research paper (The Destruction of the Ozone Layer essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service.

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Essay on Depletion of Ozone Layer ( Words)