The causes of the deforestation of earth

Share Primary Causes of Deforestation Deforestation is the state of clearing trees and vegetation cover by man for various reasons. Some of the reasons for deforestation include farming, construction, settlement, mining, or other economic purposes. In such cases, trees and vegetation cover are removed without replacement which results in land degradation and loss of the natural value of land.

The causes of the deforestation of earth

Hectares of forests cut down or burned Globally, this year TheWorldCounts, 22 July, In Years, there will be no Rainforests… When you see paper and wood, what do you think of? Do you think of the tree that was felled to make the product?

The causes of the deforestation of earth

Deforestation is when forests are converted for other purposes by cutting down the trees to clear the land for other use. With 7 billion people in the planet, we need more land to build cities, raise livestock and grow food. People also make money by clearing the forests and selling the lumber and wood to be converted into other products, such as paper.

What you need to know about Deforestation Can you imagine Earth without forests? Here are some deforestation facts for kids that can be shared to raise their awareness about our environment: Agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation. We clear the land to raise livestock or to plant other crops that can be sold, such as sugar cane and palm oil.

How Can We Stop Deforestation? There are 5 major rainforests: The Amazon in South America b. The Congo in Central Africa c.

The causes of the deforestation of earth

A patch of rainforest measuring 4 square miles can contain as many as 1, flowering plants, species of birds, species of trees and species of butterflies. Not counting the other living things living there. Every minute, forests the size of 20 football fields are cut down.

Why are Rainforests Important? They are home to plants and animals. It took 60 to million years for Rainforests to evolve and it is the home of over 30 million species of plants and animals.

When we clear the forests, they all die. They soak up a lot of rainfall. The rainwater is filtered through the forest floors and supplies water to rivers and irrigation systems. They also help prevent erosion, where the soil is washed away causing blockages that in turn causes floods.

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They are home to indigenous people. Many tribes still live in the rainforests. It is the oldest ecosystem on Earth and they are impossible to replace. It took millions of years for rainforests to develop… how can we replenish fast enough to cope with the rate of deforestation?

What can you do to help save our forests? There are many ways to help save the forests that are remaining. If we recycle the products that come from trees such as paper, then we can use them over and over again. There will be a lower demand for products made from trees. Buy from companies that are environment friendly.

Try to eat less meat which requires grazing lands — another reason why forests are cleared. Buy products made out of recycled materials. Do not buy newspaper or magazines.

Buy furniture and wood that is Certified. This means that the wood was legally cut down. Read more interesting stories about the environment at The World Counts: By knowing the issues, you can contribute in your own small way by making much needed changes that are good for our environment.

If you want to know about Ethical Companies and green products, visit Firmhugger.Deforestation means large scale cutting of forests. The forest lands are converted in to farms, ranches and urban areas through deforestation.

Another cause behind deforestation is . The Brazilian Amazon region is an unique area. It holds the world's largest rainforest (Butler b).This area is the one of the highly deforested areas in the world (Butler a).Some reasons for this are widespread agricultural and logging purposes.

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Be the change The world is full of challenges. But each one of us has the potential to make a difference and inspire others! Get motivated here. These are just a few of the causes and effects of deforestation. The consequences are very unpleasant as every form of life on earth is interlinked with one another.

Not only do animals lose their homes, but humans dependent on the local ecology are also affected. Proximate Causes and Underlying Driving Forces of Tropical Deforestation Tropical forests are disappearing as the result of many pressures, both local and regional, acting in various combinations in different geographical locations.

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