The human element of war essay

The first issue to be considered is what is war and what is its definition.

The human element of war essay

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I think, there are quite few people who actually believe that the war is something good, wholesome and useful. It is and has always been one of the worst and most disgusting, destructive events that can happen. But it is to the same degree wrong to accuse it of all the deadly sins existing in the world.

Although war is always evil, sometimes it is the lesser evil, in some cases it is inevitable. Of course, some inventions were first applied in military, but also because this research has always been better supplied.

And, although a lot of people die in the course of wars, it is not enough to really influence demographics, especially nowadays. I am speaking about the war as the conflict of interests and state that yes, in certain situations war is necessary and even turns out into a thing to be proud of.

War may be offensive and defensive and, just like in the case of self-defense, in the event of armed attack from another country any kind of violence used in retaliation is acceptable, because any other course of action will mean suicide.

Looking at the same analogy, there is no much difference between a country attacking another country from a mugger on the street. The fact that the offenders are numerous, wear uniforms and deliver speeches makes absolutely no difference.

The human element of war essay

World would have been a… Essay about War : August 20th, admin Would you like to see more essays?The Civil War was happened more than in 10, location, from New Mexico, Valverde and Tullahoma, to St. Albans, Vermont, Fernandina and Tennessee on the Florida coast. There were more than 3 million Americans joined the fought, and over , men, with 2 .

After a governmental dispute, a change in ideas, or simple hatred towards nations, a war is engaged. It starts off by sending innocent lives out to war, most of them not knowing that they are going to sacrifice themselves for the cause of their government.

Many historians, philosophers and social scientists have come up with various arguments in favor or against the two conclusions about war. To be really specific about war patterns, this essay uses the Dutch Revolt and the Seven Year War to discuss this pattern of war.

Although war is always evil, sometimes it is the lesser evil, in some cases it is inevitable. I, of course, don’t support the idea that the war is necessary in socio-economical sense – there is such a point of view, stating that the war is the motive power of progress and effective method of .

To observe the causes of war at an individual level requires observing human nature.

Just War Theory and the Wars of the 20th Century

According to Brown ( ), “wars occur because of some aspect of human nature”. Man in his nature seems to be violent and bound to inflict harm on his own race.

Essays: The Human Element Three Essays In Political Psychology by A Davies The Human Element: Three Essays in Political Psychology by Graham Little (Introduction by), A.F.

The human element of war essay

Davies starting When we put the human cost of war and genocide together, says Rummel, Power has Fascism.

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