Uea creative writing ma application

Common barriers[ edit ] Common barriers to problem solving are mental constructs that impede our ability to correctly solve problems. These barriers prevent people from solving problems in the most efficient manner possible. Five of the most common processes and factors that researchers have identified as barriers to problem solving are confirmation biasmental setfunctional fixednessunnecessary constraints, and irrelevant information.

Uea creative writing ma application

Uea creative writing ma application

Poetry may enrol for this module. In the second workshop you will continue to hone your skills as a writer and reader of poetry.


Each week you will engage in a rigorous feedback process on peers' poems, and discuss a key element of poetic technique with reference to the work of a significant published poet. Teaching will be responsive to the individual needs of group members, and will develop reading and writing practice suggestions from week to week.

You will also be encouraged to bring your own independent discoveries as a reader and writer to the discussion, and to take part in the wider poetry community and poetry activities of UEA and Norwich, a UNESCO City of Literature.

Group discussion of your work in seminar twice a term will be followed by a half-hour one-to-one tutorial at a time tbc. One of the most important things it describes, however, is the experience of language.

This module will consider some of the ways in which poetic language has been described in philosophy and literary criticism, and some of the poems in which it has described itself.

It offers a historical survey of some of the major texts in Western poetics, from Plato to contemporary writers, to be read alongside a range of poems. You will be encouraged to contribute texts from their own reading for discussion. Short formative exercises will also be set in class, in preparation for the final 5,word coursework essay or portfolio coursework of 2,word book review and 3,word essay.

The very process forces a string of questions: Is it possible to separate a story from its expression? What, if any, are the obligations owed to the source text? Must the adaptation always be 'secondary'?

Can we define a 'good' adaptation? The questions only grow more interesting if we consider changes in reception and more complex when we alter era or cultural setting.

Uea Creative Writing Ma - Mavericks need not apply

This module focuses on key questions in dramatic adaptation, establishing a foundation in basic theory and then focusing on readings of source works and screenings or performances of adaptations. Seminar discussions probe the choices offered by original texts and explore the possibilities and limitations inherent in different forms.

In the later sessions, you will have the opportunity to workshop an adaptation for a final project. Writers are expected to produce scripts, while theatre directors will have to option to produce a script or a performance.

Uea creative writing ma application

The module is a must for scriptwriters, but no prior scriptwriting experience is necessary as the seminars teach the basic techniques of dramatic writing. Class workshop will further develop skills in the specific dramatic forms. On this module, we investigate the history, production cultures and texts made by the US film industry from its classic period to contemporary filmmaking.

This will include analysing Hollywood from a range of perspectives, which may include things like studio filmmaking, independent filmmaking, genre filmmaking and the blockbuster.Authorhip of sources of information about steam locomotive development mainly that in books.

Bibliography. Deadline: May 15, Applications are now open for the Miles Morland Foundation African Scholarship /The Scholarship is awarded to a Postgraduate student within the School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing to enable them to study on the MA Creative Writing (Prose Fiction) course at the University of East Anglia.


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The term problem solving means slightly different things depending on the discipline. For instance, it is a mental process in psychology and a computerized process in computer initiativeblog.com are two different types of problems, ill-defined and well-defined: different approaches are used for each.

October 8, - am Andrew. Hello, Debbie: Well, it sounds as if you have an MA or even a PhD’s worth of creative writing already! This is an impressive record, especially in completing NaNoWriMo and then continuing with further work to . Schoolchildren discover power of genetics at Leicester.

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