Union organizing

Methodology[ edit ] Organisers employ various methods to secure recognition by the employer as being a legitimate union, the ultimate goal being a collective bargaining agreement. The methods can be classified as being either top-down organizing or bottom-up organizing. The salesmanship may include offering access to resources such as to a well-trained and skilled supply of labor or access to union cartels. Pressure tactics may include picketing with the intention of embarrassing management or disrupting business, as well as assisting the government in investigating employment law and labor law violations.

Union organizing

The Five Basic Steps to Organizing a Union Although every workplace is different and the needs of workers vary, there are some basic steps involved in winning a union voice on the job. This small group starts to privately discuss workplace issues, what is involved in organizing a union, and making plans to contact UE.

Build an Organizing Committee Leaders are identified and an organizing committee representing all major departments and all shifts and reflecting the racial, ethnic and gender diversity in the workforce is established.

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Organizing committee training begins immediately. Committee members must be prepared to work hard to educate themselves and their co-workers about the union and to warn and educate co-workers about the impending management anti-union campaign. Also at this step basic information about the workplace must be gathered including: Adopt An Issues Program The committee develops a program of union demands the improvements you are are organizing to achieve and a strategy for the union election campaign.

A plan for highlighting the issues program in the workplace is carried out through various organizing campaign activities. The goal is to sign-up a sizable majority.

Labor at a Crossroads: The Case for Union Organizing

This "card campaign" should proceed quickly once begun and is necessary to hold a union election. Win the Union Election The signed cards are used and required to petition the state or federal labor board to hold an election. It will take the labor board at least several weeks to determine who is eligible to vote and schedule the election.

The union campaign must continue and intensify during the wait. If the union wins, the employer must recognize and bargain with the union.

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Negotiate a Contract The organizing campaign does not let up after an election victory. The real goal of the campaign, a union contract the document the union and the employer negotiate and sign, covering everything from wages to how disputes will be handledis still to be achieved.

Make It Your Union!

Union organizing

In UE, we are proud of our democratic tradition: UE will be with you every step of the way — helping with everything from organizing to negotiating your first contract Will we still be there after you win your first contract?

While we want and encourage our locals to make their own decisions on issues of local importance, the resources of the national union will always be there when you need them — along with a staff person to provide guidance and support.The organizing committee helps to educate the IATSE representative about the concerns that initiated your interest as well as whatever apprehensions there are about moving forward.

The committee will also disseminate information, provided by the union organizer, to the group. Why your union campaign is not your most important issue today - and what is (find out on page 5).

How to tell whether you need a consultant (check out page 8) and the different types of union avoidance experts (these tips - that your lawyer won’t tell you- begin on page 12). The union must provide the NLRB with cards signed by the employees of the unit it is trying to organize, and the NLRB must do its due diligence in checking these cards against a roster of eligible employees.

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SHRM has long supported the fundamental right, guaranteed by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), of every employee to make an informed, private choice about whether or not to join a union. Jan 23,  · Union organizing is impossible, futile, or a thing of the past The labor movement is dead, or dying The best hope for workers is through something different from .

You have the right to organize a union to negotiate with your employer over your terms and conditions of employment. This includes your right to distribute union literature, wear union buttons t-shirts, or other insignia (except in unusual "special circumstances"), solicit coworkers to sign union authorization cards, and discuss the union with coworkers.

Union organizing
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