Western movies

For over a century, the cowboy has — for better or for worse — been a standard of rugged individualism and stoic bravery for the American male.

Western movies

Castellari and Sergio Corbucci, among many, many others, as authors of Western offshoots that influence filmmakers even today.

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Spaghetti Westerns are, after all, a cousin to American Westerns in terms of style, content, themes and morality. The Italian Westerns are literally gritty where American Westerns are polished and clean; they deal in ambiguity instead of black and white. The average Spaghetti Western hero looks like a total bastard next to Western movies clean-cut heroes of American Westerns, who uphold all of the best and most commonly accepted standards of heroism as we know them.

Who would you rather save the day for you? Will Kane, or the man with no name? A better point of debate: Did the Spaghetti Western become a thing in or ?

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With that in mind, we here at Paste set about collecting Westerns from all over the map and across the ages to assemble our picks for the best Western films of all time. The Quick and the Dead Director: Richard Widmark stars as a cavalry captain charged with bringing in several hundred Cheyenne who, starving after the U.

Points for Academy Award-nominee William H. Joel and Ethan Coen Year: Casting, however, has never been a Coen weakness, and Jeff Bridges wholly reinvents the role for which Wayne received an Oscar. There is a simplicity about the performances here that jives well with the rich landscapes and the authentically recreated, urban settings of 19th-century Arkansas and Indian territory.

That, and the genuine attire of the times, allows the Coens to create a world where the actors can play real characters, not caricatures of reality. No four words could be more appropriate to the moment, or to the movie, a sprawling film with an intimate core. Quentin Tarantino is chiefly interested in the exchanging of barbs and threats more than he is in action.

Frontier justice does quench our thirst, but the themes of social justice that drive the film are more satiating by far. It all adds up to a towering work, as profound as it is profane. On the lam after a gold robbery, a group of Confederate army deserters retreats to an abandoned mansion in the midst of a forgotten plantation in order to regroup, tend to their wounded and plan their next move.

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As the night progresses, the renegades discover they are not alone. The ghosts of the plantation owner and his family haunt the manse. Even worse are the creatures prowling the cornfield, which the gentleman owner unleashed during his experiments on his slaves.

Magic rituals intended to resurrect his wife instead opened the doorway to demonic creatures who took possession of the remaining slaves as well as his children. The house now acts as a lodestone, drawing corrupt individuals in as fuel for demonic transformation. Unwittingly opening themselves to psychic attack, the renegades are slowly consumed by their individual greed, which turns to mistrust and paranoia that one or several of the others in their gang are working together to abscond with all the gold.

Thanks to the work of a strong ensemble cast, including Henry Thomas, Patrick Fugit, Michael Shannon and Isaiah Washington, as well as its stylish cinematography, Dead Birds is legitimately unsettling, drenched in equal parts dread, spooky atmosphere and rawhide leather.

Western movies

You can almost smell the sweat and fear. Riders of Destiny Director: For the next decade, until John Ford resurrected him in as a bona fide screen presence in the iconic Stagecoach, Wayne became a matinee idol in numerous entertaining though mostly forgettable B-movie oaters.Rex Bell full length western movies watch free online Broadway to Cheyenne starring Rex Bell western movie watch free online A cowboy detective goes up against a gang of big-city thugs trying to set up a protection racket out west.

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Good list of top western films about cowboys released on dvd in , , , , , and Like the sprawling landscapes that are so much a part of the Western's character as a genre, the Western itself is a big, open canvas for storytelling of all stripes.

Paste looked all over the map. Sep 25,  · full length western movies on youtube for free. Watch western movies free online.

Western movies

Full length classic old westerns, cowboy films and TV shows online. Free legal streaming Western movies, TV series, John Wayne movies, B-westerns and Italian spaghetti westerns. Good list of top western films about cowboys released on dvd in , , , , , and

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